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How to cheat/catch a cheater with your smartphone (video)

Want to know how to catch your cheating boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife? Check out our video, showing our pick of the best iOS/Android apps for catching that lying dirtbag in the act.

When your other half starts spending most evenings ‘in the gym’, but is still a sweaty panting mess after running fifteen seconds for a bus, those dark, uncertain thoughts will probably start creeping in: what kind of workout is this lying bugger actually enjoying after hours? 

Sadly cheating is so common that you’ll find dozens of apps for your iPhone or Android mobile, designed to catch a lying partner in the act. We’ve singled out the best apps for spying on your girlfriend or boyfriend, and working out if that late-night meeting just involved them, the secretary and a tub of Marmite.

By the same token, if you yourself are cheating on your girlfriend or boyfriend and you’d like to keep your shenanigans secret, there’s a few steps you can take to ensure your other halves don’t get wise to your digital breadcrumb trails. 

Best apps to catch your cheating lover

Find my iPhone (iOS) 
Plan B (Android) 
mSpy (iOS, Android)
Mobile Spy (iOS, Android)

Best apps to cheat safely on your lover

BlackSMS (iOS, Android)
Gentian (Android)
TextSecure (Android)
Vaulty Stocks (Android)


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