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How to quick charge your iPhone

We tried charging the iPhone 6 with the iPad Air’s charger instead of the standard iPhone plug, to see if it would actually cut down the time needed to power up to a hundred percent. Here’s what happened.

Test One: Charging an iPhone 6 with standard iPhone 6 charger

First off, we timed exactly how long it took for the iPhone 6 to charge up using the standard iPhone charger, bundled with the handset. From zero to 100% took exactly two hours and 14 minutes, not exactly super-fast.

Test Two: Charging an iPhone 6 with iPad Air 12W Power Adapter

Next up, we repeated the test using the chunky 12W iPad charger, bundled with the iPad Air. This time the full charge took just one hour and 46 minutes – almost a full half an hour less than with the iPhone plug, and only 20 mins more than the Galaxy S6 takes to charge.

So if you’ve got limited time to power up your phone before you head off to work or for a night on the lash, this is a quick and easy solution.

Will charging my iPhone with an iPad charger damage my phone?

Now for another important question: will charging my iPhone using an iPad charger cause any long-term damage? Well, happily the answer is a resounding NO. That’s because Apple’s clever electronics packed away inside the iPhone help to regulate the current that hits the battery, to avoid it being overloaded.

In fact, if you check out Apple’s official chart on the 12W adapter’s compatibility, it clearly states that all iPhones up to and including the 6 and 6 Plus are supported:


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