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How to dry out a wet mobile phone using rice

Recombu loves phones but we also love rice so we had to write the following story up. Apparently an avid Lifehacker reader, called Dietrich, managed to drop his Palm Pre in a puddle and didn’t realise for half an hour. You would think that after a thirty minute soak the Pre would be dead but Dietrich remembered a tip on Lifehacker involving uncooked rice to dry out wet gadgets.

“I remembered articles on Lifehacker about what to do so I immediately popped the battery out and dried the phone. When I got home I put my Palm Pre in a bag of rice for ten hours. Adding insult to injury, I forgot to take the phone battery out of my pocket and put it through the washing machine. Ten hours later I’m typing this on my Pre. Good job Palm on making an excellent phone.”

The proof is in the pudding as they say, or the uncooked rice in this case. We don’t know if this will work every time but there’s no harm in trying it out, after all, what else can you do?

[Image from Simone Soldà]


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