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How to flatten any Angry Birds level. For a price.

Playing Angry Birds? Us too. Stuck on a level with no hope of completing it? Us too. But help is at hand with a new bird called Mighty Eagle, which developer Rovio is introducing into the game.

In short, Mighty Eagle lets you flatten any level with one great big WHUMP of his feathery behind. However, he doesn’t come for free: Rovio plans to charge for its new addition, via in-app payments.

The news was announced this morning at the Nokia World conference in London. Hang on, you can’t do in-app payments in games for Nokia handsets, can you? Well, now you can: Nokia is introducing the feature for its Ovi Store, with Angry Birds one of the first games to take advantage.

“Mighty Eagle is declaring the end of games as a commodity, and the beginning of games as a service,” promised Rovio boss Mikael Hed. Big Facebook game publishers might disagree – they’ve been touting the idea of games as a service for a couple of years now – but if you’re an Angry Birds addict, this is one in-app payment that’ll be hard to resist.


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