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How To Hatch Eggs in Pokémon GO & Find Out Which Pokémon Could Hatch

Are you stuck in a pit of Pidgeys and Rattatas? Can’t find anything other than a 10 cp Weedle? Here we will show you how to get Pokémon eggs, how to hatch them and what sort of Pokémon you can expect to hatch.

First off, you’ll need to actually get an egg. Eggs can either be found, randomly, at Pokéstops or when you level up. It’s pot luck in either instance and as far as we know there is no way to guarantee eggs either from Pokéstops or when you level up. 

There are three types of Pokémon eggs in Pokémon GO. There are 2km, 5km and 10km eggs. The “km” refers to the distance you’ll have to walk to hatch them and generally speaking the longer the distance, the better the Pokémon you’ll get. 

How to hatch your eggs in Pokémon GO

Step 1

To start incubating your eggs all you have to do is open the app and then click the Pokéball at the bottom of the screen. Click on “Pokémon” and then swipe left to the “eggs” tab. Once you’re here tap the egg you want to incubate and you’ll be taken to a list of available incubators.

When you start the game you are given an incubator with infinite uses, but you can also buy extra incubators (cost = 150 Pokécoins) if you want to incubate more than one egg at once. Once you’ve clicked an incubator, the incubation process begins. We’d suggest using your infinite usage incubator for 2km eggs and the limited use incubators for 5km and 10km eggs.

Step 2

To hatch your eggs you will have to walk the distance that applies to the egg you’ve picked to incubate. So for a 2km eggs, you’ll have to walk 2km to hatch it. You don’t have to do that all at once though and there are some ways to speed things along. For example, if you leave your phone connected to a power source and on a flat surface, you could add around 500m to your walking total for the day. 

You will also need to be moving at a speed below approximately 20kmph. This is so you can’t cheat and that you aren’t silly enough to Pokémon and drive. But if you’re on a bus or a passenger in a car you can accrue a few extra steps when the vehicle stops.

Step 3

Once you’ve hit the distance you need to travel, your new Pokémon will hatch. Now it can be disheartening to go all that way only for a Zubat, but there are ways to manage your expectations.

Below we have a full list of which Pokémon you can get from which egg, so you can avoid a bit of disappointment. But there are a few rules. If you have a 5km egg, you can get anything from the 5 km list or, unfortunately, anything from the 2km list too. 10km eggs can include Pokémon from all of the different tiers. It’s unfair, but that’s the life of a Pokémon master.

Pokémon You Could Get From 2 km Eggs

Egg Distance Pokémon  Pokémon Type
2km Bulbasaur Grass, Poison
  Charmander Fire
  Squirtle Water
  Caterpie Bug
  Weedle Bug, Poison
  Pidgey Normal, Flying
  Rattata Normal
  Spearow Normal, Flying
  Pikachu Electric
  Clefairy Fairy
  Jigglypuff Normal, Fairy
  Zubat Poison, Flying
  Geodude Rock, Ground
  Magikarp Water

Pokémon You Could Get From 5 km Eggs

Egg Distance Pokémon  Pokémon Type
5km Ekans Poison
  Sandshrew Ground
  Nidoran♀ Poison
  Vulpix Fire
  Nidoran♂ Poison
  Oddish Grass, Poison
  Paras Bug, Grass
  Venonat Bug, Poison
  Diglett Ground
  Meowth Normal
  Psyduck Water
  Mankey Fighting
  Growlithe Fire
  Poliwag Water
  Abra Psychic
  Machop Fighting
  Bellsprout Grass, Poison
  Tentacool Water, Poison
  Ponyta Fire
  Slowpoke Water, Psychic
  Magnemite Electric, Steel
  Doduo Normal, Flying
  Seel Water
  Grimer Poison
  Shellder Water
  Gastly Ghost, Poison
  Drowzee Psychic
  Krabby Water
  Voltorb Electric
  Exeggcute Grass, Psychic
  Cubone Ground
  Lickitung Normal
  Koffing Poison
  Rhyhorn Ground, Rock
  Tangela Grass
  Kangaskhan Normal
  Horsea Water
  Goldeen Water
  Staryu Water
  Tauros Normal
  Porygon Normal

Pokémon You Could Get From 10 km Eggs

Egg Distance Pokémon  Pokémon Type
10km Onix Rock, Ground
  Hitmonlee Fighting
  Chansey Normal
  Mr.Mime Psychic, Fairy
  Scyther Bug, Flying
  Jynx Ice, Psychic
  Electabuzz Electric
  Magmar Fire
  Pinsir Bug
  Lapras Water, Ice
  Eevee Normal
  Omanyte Rock, Water
  Kabuto Rock, Water
  Aerodactyl Rock, Flying
  Snorlax Normal
  Dratini Dragon

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