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How to live-stream over Periscope using a GoPro

You might have heard that you can now broadcast live from your GoPro using Periscope. It’s a pretty cool feature and we’re going to take you through the basic steps to get setup and streaming.

First and foremost make sure you’ve got the latest versions of the GoPro app and the Periscope app installed on your device and that you’re rocking either a Hero 4 Silver or Black Edition camera; unfortunately the Hero 4 Session isn’t yet supported.

Next up pair your GoPro to your phone. For first-time setup make sure the camera is set to Video mode (and not Photo mode), its WiFi connection is switched on and you’ve paired to it through the GoPro app, after which you’ll be asked to name your GoPro and make a WiFi password.

Once it’s set up jump into your phone’s settings, connect to the GoPro over WiFi with the password you just created and then jump back to the GoPro app.

Tap ‘Connect your camera’ to make sure the connection is working and then move over to the Periscope app. Sign with your standard login details and then tap the broadcast button.

When your GoPro is paired to your phone, you’ll notice a new icon at the bottom, which relays what the GoPro sees, through Periscope’s viewfinder. You can toggle the GoPro’s connection on or off before going live using this icon.

Once you’re broadcasting you can swipe right to toggle between the phone’s camera and your GoPro’s point of view or you can double tap the screen to switch between the two as well. That’s all there is to it.

Happy streaming and if you have any more questions fire them in the comments below or check out Periscope’s own tutorial for more information, here.


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