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How to make your boring phone look like your dream camera

Because most handsets look pretty much identical these days we’ve always got an eagle-eye out for ways to make our handsets a bit more exciting for the old optical nerves.

That’s why we loved Joey Celis’ iPhone make-over, where he took his humble iPhone 4 and customised it with a home-made Leica M9 decal. Crushingly, he refused to sell his design to keen but less creatively minded internet users. But never fear! Pester power has won out and now we can all make our iPhone 4s look like beautiful cameras with minimal effort on our own parts – whee!

Skip on over to Photojojo and follow the simple instructions, complete with two ready-made sticker options – one a bit ’70s and one a bit ’90s. There are simple steps for creating your own decals if you don’t fancy either of those. Get your decal printed, clean your phone, apply the sticker and hey presto! Your phone looks like a camera.


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