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How to never spend another penny on apps

It’s that wonderful time of year when everyone’s skint and depressed, but you can cheer yourself up without spending a penny by following these quick and easy tips to bag free apps, and never pay another penny on the App Store, Google Play or any other app shop…

Tip one: Keep an eye on the app stores

First off, free apps are easy to find if you know where to look. Apple’s App Store gives you a different free app every week, for instance – just open the App Store on your iPhone and scroll down a little on the main ‘featured’ page, and you’ll see the ‘App of the week’ clearly marked. This obviously changes every seven days (clue’s in the name) and it’s always free, with some awesome games and creative tools appearing each month.

One of the best sources for giveaways is Amazon’s Appstore, which isn’t just available on Amazon devices like the Kindle HDX tablets – you can download it onto any Android phone or tablet.

To do this, just go to and follow the instructions to download the apk file, which will then install. Bear in mind that you’ll need to enable your phone to install apps from unknown sources. You can do that in either the Security or Applications menu in your phone’s settings, depending on your device.

With that done, just open up Amazon’s Appstore and you’ll immediately see the Free App of the Day listed, plus some other tasty freebies to download.

Tip two: Search for free alternatives

Tempted to download that fitness or diet app for a couple of quid? Before you do, try typing its name into your app store’s search bar. Chances are you’ll find some free-to-download versions that sport many of the same features, or basically do the exact same thing, yet won’t cost you a penny.

Of course, be sure to read the reviews before you download any knock-off apps, as some of them might turn out to be a little bit poo.

Tip three: Use app trackers and other nifty services

Don’t worry if you’re a lazy arse as well as a skinflint, because you don’t have to actively trawl the online stores for free apps each day – just get an app for that.

Apps such as AppGratis buzz you with notifications when new free apps are discovered, while the HotUKDeals app is also regularly updated with cheap and free app deals. And of course these apps are free to download too, so you’re still not spending a penny. Back of the net.

If you’re into games, we recommend checking out the HumbleBundle app too. HumbleBundle lets you set your own price for bundles of mobile games, with some new games unlocking once you pay over a set amount. However, it’s perfectly possible to be a complete tightwad and offer up zero pence in return for the base games, giving you free titles that you’d normally have to stump up for.

Just head over to and the app apk will download, ready to install. Best of all, the app will notify you when new bundles are ready to pick up.

Got any tips for how to bag free apps on iOS, Android or any other platform? Leave us a comment below.


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