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How to receive calls even with no phone signal

An exciting new mobile service shown off at MWC 2015 could finally allow us to receive calls to our usual phone number, even when we’re out of reception, thanks to the wonders of VoIP.

Libon, a mobile service and part of the Orange Group, unveiled its new ‘Reach Me’ service over in Barcelona this week. Reach Me allows you to still receive calls to your normal number even if you have zero bars, providing you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network – great news if you’re stuck in a pub or some other location with no signal, and your date or a mate is running late.

If you only want certain people to get through, you can specify which contacts will be able to contact you – everyone else is diverted to voicemail as normal. And the best part is that Libon’s Reach Me service will work on any network (in supported countries).

Reach Me is about to roll out globally this month, starting in Italy but with other countries soon following. At first it will only be available on Android, but an iOS equivalent is apparently close to launch also. For now, the standard Libon app can be nabbed on Android and iOS in over 100 countries, offering unlimited international Wi-Fi calls to other Libon users as well as customised voicemail greetings and free messaging.


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