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How to root your Samsung Galaxy S2 (video)

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has been a hugely successful phone for Samsung, but what happens if you’re don’t really like Touch Wiz and want to add your own features? If so you may want considering rooting your handsets, so we’ve put together a short video showing you how to do it.

Rooting is when you unlock access to your phones system files, this means you can remove apps added by your network operator, overclock and add a custom ROM and install features created by devs. In short your phone can look and function pretty much as you want.

Because Google’ Android operating system is open source, it’s easier for users to explore the OS then an Apple or Windows Phone device. Android developers around the world can easily create apps, which can be installed on rooted phones.

Find out more about it in our feature: Android Rooting: What is it? Why do it? Is it for me?

Rooting can be tricky and nerve wracking – especially if you’ve never rooted your phone before. So we’ve put together a simple video to show how you can root your Samsung Galaxy S2. Before you start you’ll need to download some software using the following links:

Samsung Galaxy S2 rooting: links

Samsung Kies: link
Odin: link
Insecure Kernel: link
Rooting software: link

Before you start rooting your phone, it’s worth being aware that it will invalidate your warranty and if an Android update rolls out later, which you want to install on the Samsung Galaxy S2, you’ll lose any customisation.


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