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How to run Android L on an iPhone

Boffins in America have managed to get the latest version of Android running on an iPhone 5s, although it’s a bit of a tricky workaround…

Apple fans aren’t going to be too impressed of course, but researchers at the University of Michigan have managed to get the developer preview of Android L running on a bonafide Apple iPhone 5s, overruling iOS 8. Check out the video over on Cult of Android to see it in action.

See Android L running on an iOS iPhone 5s

Sadly, given Apple’s strict security measures which make it incredibly hard to install unverified software on its iPhones, the research boffins had to use a bit of a workaround to get Android L working. As a result, the Android OS isn’t actually installed on the smartphone. Instead, the files are stored on a server and the iPhone is accessing them remotely.

It’s far from a perfect setup, with lag as the files are nabbed from the server, not to mention the need for a constant online connection. However, we’re sure it’ll spark off another round of Apple fanboys vs Google fanboys, so it’s alright in our books.


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