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How to save your contacts to microSD on an Android phone

One of the best things about Android is that all of your contacts are automatically synced to your Google Account. So when you get a new Android phone, there’s no messing about saving contacts to your SIM, memory card or, as we once did, writing all your numbers down and entering them manually. Recombu: keeping it old school.

So, with Android you’ll never have to save contacts ever again, right? Wrong. If you’re going away on holiday or out to a festival you might want to avoid taking your expensive new touchscreen phone to a place where it could easily get lost, stolen or covered in mud.

Instead you’ll want to dig out and dust off your trusty old Nokia and pop your SIM card in there. Unfortunately, there’s no option to sync your contacts to your SIM card from your Android phone, and if it’s been a while since your last upgrade then you’re bound to have a few new numbers.

Don’t reach for the paper and pen just yet though – let us show you how you can export your contact list to microSD to quickly and easily scoot all your numbers onto the old handset.

First of all, get your Android handset and go to Contacts. Hit the menu button and go to Display Options. If you only want to bother with people whose actual numbers you have (some contacts may only have email addresses, for instance) then check the ‘Only contacts with phones’ box. If you want to copy everything then make sure that this box is unchecked.

Now go back and select Import/Export from the menu. Choose ‘Export to SD card’ and your contacts’ details will be saved to the external memory. Now just take your memory card out, pop it into the older phone and you’ll be able to access all the contacts you had saved on your Android phone.

You can import any new contacts you’ve saved on your temporary phone in the same way. Put your card back into your Android handset when you get back from holiday or the festival and the number of that hottie you met while away will be safely stored on your regular phone.


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