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How to stream and watch the Wales vs Portugal Euro 2016 match

How to watch the Wales vs Portugal Euro 2016 semi-final football match on Wednesday July 6, by streaming it on your Android phone or tablet, or your iPhone or iPad.

Wales are now well and truly putting England to shame, advancing to the semi-finals of Euro 2016 while Roy’s rovers crashed out seemingly ages ago. But the semi-final match-up with Portugal will be a true test. For even though Portugal have far from impressed in the tournament, Wales is without key defender Ramsey and needs to play with care to avoid further suspensions.

Here’s how to enjoy the Portugal vs Wales game on your phone or tablet, by streaming it live, or keeping up-to-date with the score using a mobile app.

When is the Wales vs Portugal Euro 2016 football match, and is it BBC or ITV?

The Wales vs Portugal match kicks off at 8pm UK time on Wednesday July 6. It’s showing on ITV, if you have access to a telly, as well as ITV HD. Thankfully, if you can’t get to a TV to cheer on Wales, you can always stream and watch the match on your phone or tablet instead.

How can I watch Wales vs Portugal on my Android phone or tablet?

If you want to stream the Wales vs Portugal match on Wednesday, you will need to download a TV streaming app. ITV’s ‘ITV Hub’ app allows you to stream its channels direct to your phone or tablet, including any football games showing on ITV 1. Just search for ITV in the Google Play store and download the app for free. You’ll need to sign up for an account (which again is free and only takes a minute), then you’re free to watch the footy.

If you don’t want to sign up for any accounts, you can also stream Euro 2016 matches on ITV and BBC using an app like ToView. ToView can also be downloaded for free and you can start streaming straight away.

Alternatively, if you have a service such as Sky or Now TV, you can stream ITV through them instead. With the likes of Sky Q you can also record the match and watch it later.

How can I watch Wales vs Portugal on my iPhone or iPad?

To stream the Wales vs Portugal match on your iPhone or iPad, you should download the ITV Hub from the App Store. This free app allows you to stream ITV 1, although you will need to sign up for an ITV account to use it. Thankfully this won’t cost you any cash and takes very little time.

Alternatively, you can see Wales battle in the Euro 2016 semi-final using an app like ToView, which requires no account sign-up and is also free to download. You’ll find it on the App Store too.

Of course, if you pay for a TV subscription like Sky or Now TV, you can use those services to watch the game also. All you need to do is download the corresponding app (e.g. Sky Go) onto your phone or tablet and you’re good to go.

What are the best phone apps for Euro 2016 Wales vs Portugal goal alerts?

If you can’t stream the Wales vs Portugal match or watch it on TV, then we recommend downloading the official Euro 2016 app onto your iPhone or Android device. Just search for UEFA Euro 2016 Official App on Google Play or the App Store and download. This app will alert you whenever there’s a goal, as well as offering a live update of how the Wales boys are doing.



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