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How to track your mobile data usage on holiday with Orange

Orange have decided to make it easier for those intent on jetsetting around the world, with a host of new initiatives set on helping their customers keep track of their roaming data usage. The introduction of the new Travel Angel mobile app and the new 3-in-1 bundle should go towards reducing expenditure overseas.

Nowadays it’s trickier than ever to keep track of your phone bill whilst abroad, with roaming charges once easily quantifiable by the use of calls and texts now affected by the multitude of connected functions your smartphone can carry out.

Orange roaming

What’s the 3-in-1 bundle?

The seven day bundle will cost £15 until August 5th at which point it will then jump to £20. Provided Orange customers travel within the EU, their £15/£20 provides them with 50 minutes of calls, 100 texts and 30MB of data.

What is Travel Angel?

Orange’s new app is designed to help their customers find the most affordable additional international packages to supplement their mobile usage covering calls, texts and data whilst roaming outside of the UK.

How does it work?

The app offers Orange customers roaming bundles based on where in the world they are. The location affects which bundles they’re offered. What’s more, the app also has a data monitor feature, showing which applications and services are using mobile data, so that the user can better manage their usage or kill apps entirely.

Which data bundles are available on Orange?

The bundle rates are based on four geographical regions; within the EU, Rest of World 1, Rest of World 2 and Rest of World 3. Choose from varying amounts of available data over different time periods; a daily 30MB bundle, a 30 day 30MB bundle, a 30 day 150MB bundle and a 30 day 500MB bundle.

Which OSs does it currently work on?

The new application is designed for Android and BlackBerry devices at present, with an iOS version in the works.

What happens if you don’t use a bundle?

Pay Monthly – Calls to Europe, Ireland and Channel Isles cost 28.8p per minute whilst calls to all other countries cost 71p per minute. Texts cost 8.9p each and data weighs in at 69.6p per MB.

PAYG – Calls to Europe, Island and Channel Isles cost 28p per minute whilst calls to all other countries cost 70p per minute. Texts cost 8p each and data costs 59p per MB. 


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