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How to transfer music from iTunes to the Samsung Galaxy S5

Want to find out how to transfer music from iTunes on your computer to the Samsung Galaxy S5? Read on…

If you’re a newly converted Galaxy S5 owner still dabbling in the dark arts of Apple, then you might be trying to figure out a simple way to transfer your music from iTunes onto your shiny new Samsung smartphone.

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Well simple is the name of the game and whether you’re on a Mac or a PC, it is incredible easy to ensure your tunes make it to your new Sammy.

Mac OS

Mac users already familiar with Android devices will know about Android File Transfer; a free-to-download piece of software for your computer available from

Download the program, install it, and then simply attach your Galaxy S5 to your Mac via USB. Android file transfer should automatically open up showing the file tree on your phone.

Next find the iTunes folder on your Mac where your tasty jams and sick beats are stored. It’s usually in this directory:

Mac OS directory

Then it’s just a case of dragging and dropping your chosen artist folders into the music folder in Android File Transfer.

Wait for the bar to complete, close AFT and disconnect your S5. Then enjoy your tunes.


Over in Windows land, you don’t even need additional software to move your music over. Connect your Galaxy S5 and make sure that it’s set to MTP-mode in the notifications area.

Just tap if that mode isn’t selected, disconnect and reconnect your phone, it should then show up in the File Manager under Connected Devices as with a little music player icon, in which you’ll find the music folder.

Directory PC

Hunt down your iTunes music on your PC through the File Manager, and then just drag and drop. When the transfer’s complete, unplug your USB, plug in your headphones and rock out.

If for whatever reason you’re still having trouble with either of these processes, check out our ‘How to transfer music from iTunes to the Samsung Galaxy S3’ video for an alternative means of moving iTunes to Samsung Galaxy.

It’s also worth nothing that both of these drag-and-drop methods work for transferring music from practically anywhere on your computer, not just iTunes. The same can also be said for other files like movies, pictures and PDFs too.

Happy listening.


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