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How to transfer music to your Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Whether you treated yourself or Santa took a particular shine to you this Christmas, you’re probably here because you want to get your favourite tunes onto your shiny new Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

The Note 4 has already proven itself to be one of the best phones of 2014, and it’ll likely stay amongst the upper echelons until its successor, the Note 5 arrives at the end of next year. But enough horn blowing, you want to find out how to listen to some tasty tunes…


If you’re in team Windows it’s incredibly simple to add music onto your Galaxy Note 4. Firstly, make sure you phone’s unlocked and then plug it into your computer via a USB cable.

Chances are it’ll already be set into the correct mode, but you might need to change switch it to MTP, which you can do from the Note’s notifications panel.

Provided all’s well you should see the Note 4 appear in ‘My Computer’ on your Windows PC, similarly to a typical USB stick. Open it and find the music folder.

It’s then just a matter of dragging and dropping your artist or album folders and tracks over. When finished, eject your Note 4 as you would a drive on any computer and remove the USB lead too.

Then open up your music player of choice and enjoy your tunes.


If you’re an Apple Mac user there is one tiny piece of software you’re going to need, but beyond that the process is equally simple.

Before having the ability to drag and drop files to your Android device you’ll need to download the Android File Transfer software, which you can find here (it’s free).

Once installed, connect your Galaxy Note 4 to your Mac via a USB lead and the Android File Transfer application should automatically start up, or you can find it in the Applications folder via the Finder.

The program shows you all the accessible files and folders on your Note 4, so all you need do is open up the Music folder in the list, use the Finder to locate the music you want to copy onto your phone and then simply drag and drop it all over, simple.

Wait for the progress bar to complete (this may not appear if you’re only transferring a few files and/or folders), close Android File Transfer, disconnect the USB lead and you should be good to go.

Happy jamming this holiday season.


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