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How to use a smart cover on your iPad 1

Lusted over Apple’s new smart covers for their latest iPad? A little sad that you’re still holding onto the original? Then you need to do what the people over at The Russian Used A Pencil did, and customise your iPad.

Using some tiny rare earth magnets, (super strong magnets that are a bit pricier than standard ones) they were able to attach tiny magnets along the side of their thicker, older iPad.

The right side of both the cover and the iPad fortunately ran flush together, and the cover could then connect and disconnect to the magnets, giving you the auto-cleaning screen cover, and also the illusion of a new iPad. Nice!

Covering the screen, and removing the cover, won’t force the tablet into sleep, or wake it up, as it does on the newest iPad, as this requires more complicated inner-sensor interactions only possible on the latest version.

Here’s a video of the how it all works, via Studio Neat.

Smart Cover for iPad 1 from Studio Neat on Vimeo.

Source: The Russian Used A Pencil


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