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Everyone can watch the OnePlus 2 launch in virtual reality – here’s how

OnePlus is going to let everyone come to the launch of its much-anticipated OnePlus 2 smartphone, in serious style – via the medium of VR. Here’s how you can watch the OnePlus 2 launch at home.

When is the OnePlus 2 phone launching?

The OnePlus 2 will launch officially on July 27th at 7pm Pacific Time, or 3am UK time on July 28th – groan. Better get the fridge stocked with Red Bulls.

How can I watch the OnePlus 2 phone launch?

Well, if you actually manage to stay awake until 3am, OnePlus will be live streaming the OnePlus 2 launch over the interwebs. But this isn’t your bog-standard broadcast. OnePlus is doing the whole thing in virtual reality, so you can wander about the stage and poke the team in the chops while they talk about the new handset.

Apparently there will also be some easter eggs hidden away, to encourage you to browse about.

So, what happens if you don’t have VR goggles? Well, OnePlus has created its own set out of cardboard, similar to Google Cardboard. The OnePlus VR glasses will be available to buy soon, and OnePlus is actually losing money on each pair sold, so we’re expecting them to be dirt cheap.

Check out the OnePlus Cardboard page for more info and to sign up, so you’ll know as soon as they go on sale.


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