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HP to announce the fate of WebOS “in the next two weeks”

The beleagured WebOS platform looks set to get the official chop from current owners HP in the next two weeks.

HP CEO Meg Whitman confirms in an interview with French paper Le Figaro that “We should announce our decision in the next two weeks.”

Whitman goes on to say that is “isn’t an easy decision because we have a team of 600 people who are living in uncertainty. But we need another operating system,” before reiterating plans to focus on making Windows 8 tablets.

HP is obviously keen to get back into the tablet space – the poor old TouchPad sold like hotcakes during the fire-sale frenzy of August. The fate of the revered WebOS platform though looks to be well and truly sealed.

One rumour doing the rounds is that Amazon might buy the operating system. The e-tailer giant lacks an OS platform of its own, but has nailed its colours to the Android mast, launching an Android Appstore of its own not to mention the Kindle Fire slate, which runs on a highly customised version of Android.

It could live on, in a similar fashion to how MeeGo does on the Nokia N9, if there’s enough demand from hardcore enthusiasts. But if HP is to concentrate on becoming “champions” of 2013, then they’re probably going to devote all the resources they have to keeping Apple from the top spot in the PC manufacturing stakes.

Source: Le Figaro via The Inquirer