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HP TouchPad available to pre-order now at Clove: Arriving 15th of July, £400 for 16GB, £480 for 32GB

As well as Carphone Warehouse, e-tailer Clove has also popped up pre-order pages for the HP’s Wi-Fi-only TouchPad tablets.

As with Carphone, prices for the webOS-running tablet are £399.99 for the 16GB flavour and £479.99 for the super-sized 32GB version. Interestingly, Clove gives the UK release date for the TouchPad as the 15th of July; we spoke to Carphone Warehouse to see if this would be the same for people pre-ordering for its site, but they wouldn’t budge on the prior ‘mid July’ ETA.

The HP TouchPad is the first tablet to run on webOS, the super slick OS that ran on the Palm Pre and Pre 2, prior to HP’s acquisition of Palm.

We’re very much looking forwards to getting hold of a TouchPad, if only for the sehr uber cool Touch 2 Share ability; this allows you to tap your Pre 3 against your TouchPad and transfer whatever you were watching/reading on your phone to the tablet’s bigger screen.

We’re hoping that game developers do something cool with this. It’d be great to start a game of something like Words With Friends, Chess (or Go, that mainstay of Palm devices) and transfer it to a bigger screen.

Roll on mid-July, that’s all we can say.

Source: Clove


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