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HP’s PalmPad set for CES launch?

Palm’s British fortunes have been mixed of late, with the lengthy wait for the Pre and the boringness of the Pre 2 doing it no favours. So what will we make of the PalmPad, HP’s Palm-toting tablet rival to the iPad?

We may not have to wait long to find out; is reporting that the tech conglomerate is all set to show off three models of the PalmPad at CES in January. is showing off some supposed spec sheets for the devices, which will all run a tablet-optimised version of the Palm WebOS – no doubt this will lend itself brilliantly to tablet life. The news site suggests that the PalmPad has very similar hardware to the iPad, with a few notable additions – specifically, a built-in mini HDMI port, a USB 3.0 connection and a couple of cameras (1.3-megapixel on the front and 3-megapixel on the back, both with LED flashes).

The leaked specs don’t offer a clue as to what’s under the hood of the PalmPad, nor a recommended retail price and with such similarities to the iPad, these are the aspects we’ll be most interested in learning in two weeks’ time.

That, and how many months the UK will have to wait to get it, of course.


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