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HTC 7 Mozart: Orange nabs musical Windows Phone 7 handset

Going with a name like Mozart, one could suppose that HTC is trying to imbue this particular Windows Phone 7 handset with classical leanings, high-brow musical connotations and chromatic harmony. It’s as though HTC heard that everything old is cool and is playing to your hipster sentimentalities.

The HTC 7 Mozart is a darn sight more technologically advanced than your bog standard harpsichord though. Nowhere in the orchestra pit will you find a 1Ghz processor, 8-megapixel camera or 3.7-inch touchscreen unless the conductor has smuggled in his high-end smartphone, that is.

Of course, the HTC 7 Mozart is running Windows Phone 7 OS and has a nice hefty 8GB of internal memory to keep it ticking over and store all your apps and photos. The 8-megapixel camera can record video in 720p HD, while the music-player offers Dolby Mobile SRS surround sound, of which Wolfgang Amadeus would no doubt approve.

The HTC Mozart will be launching soon, exclusive to Orange – no word yet on pricing but watch this space.


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