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Windows Phone 8X by HTC pricing and availability

The HTC 8X has just gone on sale at O2, being the first carrier to offer up the new Windows Phone 8 posterchild. Find out more below.

HTC have managed to nab Microsoft’s affections with their new Windows Phone 8 handsets. The two phones, which were closely developed in partnership with the Redmond-based company bear the long-winded name of the Windows Phone 8S by HTC and the Windows Phone 8X by HTC respectively, but we suspect that when both handsets hit stores, retail staff and customers will likely unofficially rebrand them to the far more manageable HTC 8S and HTC 8X.

The question then is when can users actually find these handsets in store and who with? The flagship Windows Phone 8 device from the Taiwanese company; the HTC 8X will demand a higher price point over its smaller sibling and at the Windows Phone 8 launch event in London last Monday, Microsoft’s Leila Martine unveiled which retailers and carriers will offer this distinctive new Windows Phone.


The online mobile retailer are in fact one of the first to offer up the HTC 8X, which is available from today. Currently only the blue option is on offer, which prospective customers will be able to pick up SIM free for £398.98. It’s also worth noting that it comes with a 24 month manufacturers warranty and next-day delivery is an option.



The UK’s first 4G network are offering the HTC 8X with a £36 a month contract and an upfront handset cost of £29 on a two year plan with availability scheduled for November 9th. EE’s £36 a month plan offers users unlimited calls and texts, plus 500MB of data and of course access to their 4G network speeds with a compatible handset. Unfortunately, the HTC 8X is not a 4G LTE savvy handset here in the UK and so you’ll be browsing on the carrier’s 3G network instead. Find out more about EE’s price plans here and head to the carrier’s website for more info on when the HTC 8X will become available.



The first network to announce official pricing and offer availability from today (2/11/12), O2 have the HTC 8X available to both PAYG and Pay monthly customers. It’s available for £379.99 on PAYG, with the cheapest monthly tariff stepping in at £13.50 per month, that is of course not taking into account the up front handset cost of £149.99 and the 24 month-long plan. This tariff includes 50 minutes of any network calls, unlimited texts, 100MB of mobile data and the ability to upgrade one month early. O2 recommend their 24 month plan at £36 a month, this includes unlimited calls and texts, 1GB of mobile data and the ability to upgrade one month early.



The HTC 8X and its smaller sibling, the HTC 8S are the only two Windows Phone 8 handsets currently on track to be sold by Three here in the UK with availability scheduled for sometime in November. Prospective customers will have to register their interest for either device on the company’s ‘coming soon’ page but initial pricing on the HTC 8X is said to start with a £30 upfront cost and then £29 a month on a two year plan.



Although Voda haven’t confirmed when or how much, they have said that the HTC 8X will be coming to their network. You’ll have to register your interest to find out exactly when it touches down.


Carphone Warehouse

The HTC 8X has a coming soon page dedicated to its features and functions on the company’s website, but beyond rough availability for sometime soon, you’ll have to register your interest for more detailed information when it appears.



The HTC 8X is said to be arriving at Phones4U sometime in November, along with the full portfolio of currently announced Windows Phone 8 handsets which we met on Monday. Pricing is still up in the air but register your interest via the link below.



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