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HTC Aero: In a nutshell

HTC looks to be ditching the One flagship phones for the new HTC Aero, in a bid to win back consumers – so what specs and features can we expect the Aero to pack, and when will it arrive in the UK?

Why should I care about the HTC Aero?

HTC knows how to make great phones. The One M7 was one of the best handsets of the year and the One M8 built on those solid foundations, packing a gorgeous screen, powerful speakers and groin-rousing all-metal design. The Ultrapixel camera split opinion, but at least HTC’s willing to stick its neck out and try new things – which is why we’re expecting a few surprises from the Aero, which will hopefully render the lacklustre One M9 a distant, uncomfortable memory.

What specs and features will the HTC Aero rock?

HTC has been lambasted in recent times for two main problems.

First, its laziness over design. The One M9 looked just like the One M8, which was very similar to the previous year’s One M7. For the Aero, we’re expecting HTC to break away and try something entirely new, just like Samsung did with the Galaxy S6 – a move which paid dividends.

Secondly, HTC’s camera tech has been shot apart by critics. The Ultrapixel snappers were good in low light but photos lacked detail compared with rivals. Word has the HTC Aero will pack an improved f/1.9 aperture lens that shoots super high-res images. In fact, it can apparently even capture RAW images, which pack enough detail to be blown up to poster size – hence the format is usually only used by DSLRs and professional cameras.

Rumours also suggest the HTC Aero will pack a Quad HD screen (2560×1440) between 5 and 5.5-inches in size.

When will the HTC Aero hit the UK, and how much?

HTC CEO Cher Wang already revealed that a new hero phone will be launched in October, which almost certianly will turn out to be the Aero. We’d therefore expect the HTC Aero to hit UK stores in November 2015, hopefully with a less eye-popping price than the One M9. We’re optimistically expecting £449 to £499.


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