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HTC Beats Audio hack terminated

Three days ago, the devs at XDA Developers managed to hack the Beats Audio sound profile and port it to all Android Gingerbread devices, however it seems HTC who have obliged the dev community in the past have on this occasion decided enough is enough. Originally seen over at Tech Crunch via 9to5 Google, the post gave all Android users with rooted devices the ability to flash the Beats Audio sound profile onto their handsets. The illustration of how this looks can be seen below with a before and after on a Samsung device:

Promising superior audio quality with rounder, deeper base and clearer vocals, the Beats Audio profile is all part of a partnership between the audio giant and HTC that’s worth $300. In turn, it’s no wonder that the XDA Developers thread has been taken down and all traces to the file removed from the forum.

From our experience, the Beats Audio profile is suited to a certain type of music, with generally high quality output, but considerable base-centricity. It’s great for electro, hip-hop and soulful house, but not so well-suited to the acoustic soul and classical. Audio profiles however can be changed giving users the best of both worlds, so it makes Sense HTC protect this altogether desirable product.

With the Beats Audio profile expected on the upcoming HTC One Series, and an April release on the cards, if you don’t have a Beats phone now and are due for an upgrade, you could do in a few months. If however you want to tweak your audio equaliser and don’t have / plan on getting a phone which supports Beats, check out Poweramp on the Android Market – an altogether more legit way of getting more boom on your non-Beats Android.


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