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HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa photos: Up close and personal with the Facebook phones

Facebook integration and the context-sensitive Facebook buttons are easily the most interesting things about the HTC ChaCha and Salsa. Two otherwise regular mid-range Android phones.

When we got some hands-on time with them both at Mobile World Congress we immediately tried out the Facebook key to see how it worked; iffy Wi-Fi connections however thwarted our plans. We’ll have to save our in-depth Facebooking with the ChaCha and Salsa for when we get the review models.

Until then, feel free to feast your eyes on these hands-on pics. They are both rather nice looking phones, given that they’re pitched at a younger market and at the lower end of the price spectrum.

Although we’ve come to expect this from HTC by now; even its lower-end and mid-range phones are nicely designed.

To recap, the specifications of the HTC ChaCha and Salsa are virtually identical – 5-megapixel main camera, VGA front camera and Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

The only major (and obvious) is that the ChaCha has a full Qwerty keyboard and a 2.6-inch touchscreen. The HTC Salsa has a bigger screen (3.6-inches) but no other keys save for the Facebook button and the four Android command keys.

Click through to see the ChaCha and Salsa from all angles.

The back of the HTC ChaCha; all pearly white with a matt finish metal band around the middle. From left to right; external speaker, 5-megapixel camera, LED flash.

A volume rocker sits on the left hand side of the HTC ChaCha, above the microUSB port.

The other side of the HTC ChaCha where there’s… nothing at all. But we thought you’d like to have a look anyway.

A nice close up shot of the ChaCha’s keypad. The keys are nicely spaced out which makes it easy to type on.

The HTC Salsa in all it’s HTC Sense-running Facebook-integrated glory. It looks a bit like a mini HTC Legend, albeit with a plastic body rather than an all-metal one.

The back of the HTC Salsa. We like how the camera components and the external speaker occupy separate sections on the back.

Top shot of the HTC Salsa showing off that all-important power button and a headphone jack.

The left hand side of the HTC Salsa, where sits a volume control and a microUSB port for charging and file transferring.

On the other side of the HTC Salsa sits a shutter key for the camera.


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