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HTC ChaCha, the FaceBook phone: What’s in the box?

A parcel arrived just before clocking off. And it’s HTC’s ChaCha.

We also came into possession of the HTC Salsa earlier today- together forming the Facebook phone duo from HTC.

Both arrive promising big FaceBook functionality- in fact, there’s now a dedicated button for it. (There’s no camera button, if you were asking.)

The ChaCha looks like it may be the more interesting propostition of the two; with half the phone taken with a full Qwerty keyboard, whilst the screen gets a little shrunk.

The screen still boasts capacitive touchscreen capabilities, and so you’re able to mix and match both styles of use.

It looks a perfect match for the HTC Flyer, all silver and white, and given how much we struggled with the HTC Flyer’s cover, they’ve thoughtfully included a picture on the cover showing how to do the same with the ChaCha.

Despite its size, the screen looks pretty good from first impressions, whilst before release, HTC have boosted the processor to 800Mhz, up from its initial 600Mhz speed.

FaceBook-wise, we’re looking forward to using the chat widget, and we’re currently getting to grips with sharing through the FaceBook button- you get used to it, and it’s context-sensitive and will perform different functions depending where you use it- in-app, in the photo gallery .etc.

The ChaCha runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread- that’s the very latest version- and we’re looking forward to seeing how HTC’s FaceBook offering stands up to Sony Ericsson’s recent FaceBook inside Xperia functionality.

We be publishing the full Recombu review later in the week. Until then, click onwards for what’s-in-the-box glory; more details and more pictures.

From the left; instructions, headphones, HTC ChaCha, USB-microUSB cable, AC adapter.

There’s that FaceBook button.

Here’s the curiously contoured profile of the HTC ChaCha.

Resting it on a flat surface, the touchscreen half will lay flat, so it won’t rock around during use. On the other side is the volume switch and microUSB port.

Again, HTC has bundled a microSD card. It’s a respectable 2GB- perfect for a range of music, pictures and apps. You can always increase this, of course.

At the top, a 5-megapixel camera faces out, paired with an LED flash.

There’s all the Facebook phones together; the HTC ChaCha, Salsa, and INQ’s Cloud Touch. Press the “Like” button on this page, and we’ll promise to get reviews for both of the HTC handsets to you as soon as we’ve finished testing.


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