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HTC kicks off ‘Change’ marketing campaign with Robert Downey Jr

HTC teased that big things were on the way a week ago, and the company has finally taken the wraps off its new strategy. As expected, the Taiwanese manufacturer will be leveraging Robert Downey Jr as part of his two-year contract with the company. And the duo won’t be putting out typical material either, with Downey Jr bringing his trademark style to the latest marketing push.

What exactly does HTC stand for? It’s a question that people have no doubt asked each other countless times, and that’s the theme that the company and the actor will be riffing off to begin with. The teaser video gives viewers a taste of what to expect when the full marketing blitz begins on August 15th, with commercials set to make an appearance on television, online, and in cinemas.

HTC won’t be highlighting its products right away, though. The company will be putting its brand back into public view in the first marketing wave before going on to extol the virtues of its products in the second wave.

Still, we’ll have to see if HTC’s latest marketing effort will be able to turn its financial prospects around. The One was met with good reviews and seemingly healthy sales, but the company has been struggling to turn a significant profit over the past year. Hiring a big name actor and producing a playful campaign is a good start, but it’s ultimately up to the public to turn that into meaningful handset sales.

Update: HTC has released the full “Here’s To Change” commercial.


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