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HTC confirms smartwatch, but delays its launch until next year

The HTC smartwatch does exist, but it won’t be released officially until 2015, the company has revealed.

The company’s Americas head, Jason Mackenzie told Re/code that although the company has developed a wearable, it missed its manufacturing deadline because it “ended up just not being ready.”

The HTC ‘One Watch’ is likely to operate on Google’s Android Wear platform and may take some design cues from the Moto 360 with a round face rather than the square faces seen on LG and Samsung’s equivalent smartwatches.

Will the HTc Watch feature a round face like the Moto 360 or go square like the Apple Watch?
Will the HTC One Watch feature a round face like the Moto 360 or go square like the Apple Watch?

Drew Bamford, head of the wearables team at HTC’s creative labs said, “When we come to market with our product we want to make sure the product has a strong point of view and there is a really compelling reason to strap it on your wrist.”

He added that he doesn’t believe any smartphone manufacturer has gotten the design or inner workings of a smartwatch right yet, so will they’ll waiting until the market is ready before launching a product capable of going up against the Apple Watch.

Back in September, it was rumoured that HTC couldn’t afford to develop a smartwatch and the market was too competitive. Back then, it was rumoured the HTC One Watch would be announced on October 8 (yesterday), but the news wasn’t quite as exciting as we hoped, leaving us with a new selfie-centric smartphone and an unusual action camera.

So far, the only leaks circulating are that the watch will be constructed of plastic, or shiny metal (doesn’t really give much away, does it?) and it could be based upon Qualcomm’s Toq watch with a circular Mirasol display to make it easier to view in all conditions.

HTC has promised it’ll reveal more details about its wearables strategy next year, so we’ll have to wait until then before we have solid information about what the HTC One Watch will offer over other smartwatches.


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