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HTC Desire aka Bravo: HTC’s Nexus One



If you’re not keen on buying a phone through Google but you really want a Nexus One then you’ll love the HTC Desire. It might not have voice search or active noise cancellation but the Desire has the same screen size (3.7-inch), and the same processor (1GHz Snapdragon) as the Nexus One.

Another important difference between the Desire and Nexus One is that the Desire features an optical joystick instead of a trackball, which means there’s less chance of it failing. We played around with the optical joystick and found it easy to use and accurate.

Finally, HTC has put an updated version of its Sense user interface on the Desire and it’s amazing. One of the main reasons we’d buy a Desire instead of a Nexus One is because HTC’s Sense interface includes something called ‘leap’ – you can pinch in on the touchscreen to view of all your home screens.

According to HTC, the Desire will be made available in the second half of this year.


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