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HTC Desire S appears on Vodafone pre-order: Free on £30 a month 24 month plans

The HTC Desire S is available to pre-order from Vodafone now. Running Android 2.3 Gingerbread, the HTC Desire S can be had for naught on 24 month Vodafone contracts starting at £30 a month.

This £30 deal sees you getting 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data a month. Subsequent £35 and £40 deals increase monthly data to 750MB, include the same unlimited texts and bump the minutes up to 900 and 1200 respectively.

The most expensive price plan, £55 a month, gives you a whopping 3000 minutes, along with unlimited texts and a more generous 1GB of usage.

Those not wanting to commit to a two year plan can snap up the Desire S on a range of 18 and 12 month deals instead.

The cheapest 18 month deal is a £30 a month deal which gives you just 100 minutes and 500 texts along with 500MB of interwebs use. You’ll also have to stump up £99 for the Desire S as well.

The least pricey deal which sees you getting a free Desire S costs £35 a month, gives you 600 minutes, unlimited texts and, again, 500MB of web use.

As we guessed, Vodafone’s price plans for the HTC Desire S on 12 month contracts mirror those that we saw for the Google Nexus S the other day.

That is to say you get 300 mins, unlimited texts and 500MB of data, but you’ll need to hand over £159 for the phone.

We gave the HTC Desire S a glowing write-up in our recent review – check it out here.


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