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HTC Desire S coming to O2. Preinstalled eBay coming to O2 phones

O2 announced that they would be stocking the latest HTC phone, the Desire S.

We tried to get in contact with their press office, but nothing yet on whether they’ll be following Three and Orange in offering HTC’s Wildfire S or the Facebook-friendly ChaCha.

The Desire S in this year’s model, and we’re still not sure what that S stands for; speed? Small? Super?

It’s specifications are surprising in that they look like they could be on the back foot once the dual-cored likes of the Atrix, Galaxy S II and Optimus 2X arrive in the UK.

We’ll wait to see how HTC are going to spin this.

It will come with HTC Sense, one of the best Android layouts made by a phone manufacturer, alongside the very latest version of Android, 2.4. Dual cameras, front and rear-facing, make videochat and recording HD video possible.

The Desire S announcement was quickly followed by news that eBay will be coming, ready-to-use, on most of the smartphones and feature phones sold by O2.

An eBay mobile app or a link to the eBay mobile will appear on phones across systems. Symbian, Android, Windows Phone 7, RIM and Bada were all mentioned but there’s no mention of the iPhone.

Now, we’re not sure why it needs to be pre-installed, perhaps once you’ve got your brand new Desire S up and running, the first thing you’ll be itching to do is immediately sell that ageing Desire on eBay.

HTC have announced that we’ll be seeing the Desire S somewhere in the summer, but more details when we get them from O2.


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