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HTC Desire S vs HTC Incredible S

Both the Desire S and Incredible S have appeared in shops- but which to choose? Both have HTC’s Sense, both will have the latest version of Android- at the time of writing – Gingerbread.

We handed both of the HTC handsets four and a half stars, Although the Desire S may have more name recognition and pedigree in the UK; the Incredible, minus the S, was available only in the US, after our in-depth testing and reviewing, we’ve summarised other differences that may help you decide between the two.

HTC Desire S

The successor to the original Desire (and to an extent, the Desire HD), it’s a bit faster, but that could be down to the Android Gingerbread. The biggest difference is battery life which is far more respectable, and the biggest complaint about the older Desire.

Compared to the Incredible S, the screen is slightly smaller, but still a respectable 3.7-inches wide, and means that the Desire S screen is less of a battery sucker; both have the same sized battery.

There’s a five-megapixel camera on the back, which can also record 720p HD video, something matched by the Incredible S.

HTC Incredible S

With a bigger screen, and thus a slightly bigger frame, the Incredible S is a bit stronger on the specification sheet.

With an eight-megapixel camera on the back, and some flashy auto-rotating buttons below the screen, both are absent on the slightly cheaper Desire S. (SIM-free, there’s around £40 difference, depending on colour preference and where you shop.)

If you’re going to be taking plenty of photos to show off on your computer or print out, you will see the benefit of that higher resolution. But if you’ll only send them by MMS, or make them your wallpaper, the difference will be negligible; both screens have a the same 480×800 resolution.

The styling of the Incredible S may not be to everyone’s liking either, with a skinny, faux vacuum-formed back, which may be too striking for some.



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