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HTC Desire S: What’s in the box?

We’ve just got our HTC Desire S review model through the post. So we duly unboxed it and gave it a Recombu WITB? going over.

You get pretty much what you’d expect to get with an HTC smartphone. That is to say, a multi-part mains adapter/USB charger complete with USB wire, and some rather nice headphones with soft foam pads.

So we took a few more hands-on external shots of the Desire S as well. Now that we’re not at Mobile World Congress with a million people crowding round us (and the phone isn’t anchored to an unsightly security tag) we’re able to give you a better up-close-and-personal with the Desire S.

One other thing to note; our review model didn’t come with an SD card, which HTC says will be included with all retail versions. The size of the SD card you’ll get will vary depending on exactly where you get one.

Like the HTC Legend, the bottom part of the phone can be prised off to reveal the battery and slots for the SIM and microSD.

The battery is held in place by a hinged mechanism, the one that’s folded down on the right here. You’ll need to open this to put a SIM or SD card in, but if you hold the battery in place with your other hand, you’ll be able to put a memory card in without having to turn the phone off.

The HTC Desire S from the left hand side, showing off the volume rocker and micro USB port.

The lens of the Desire S’s front-facing VGA camera. Ideal for video calls and for taking silly Photo Booth-style pictures of your face. There’s a range of face-warping effects and filters to mess around with.

The Desire S’s main 5-megapixel camera lens with the LED flash beside it. External speaker next to it, and again the volume rocker and microUSB port, down on the side.

Our enthusiasm for leap mode on HTC Sense remains undiminished. Activated by double tapping the Home key on the left, leap mode allows you to jump to any of the seven homescreens on the Desire S. You can also rearrange the order of your homescreens from the leap mode screen. Genius stuff.

A customised version of the Laputa eBook reader comes installed on the HTC Desire S. It’s loaded with a number of titles such as Dracula, A Tale of Two Cities, Jane Eyre and The Art of War (pictured). Within the app there’s also a link to the Kobo online eBook store, where you can buy more titles.

Bet you can’t guess what these are? The standard HTC 3.5mm headphones, complete with foam pads and a little clip.

The multi part charger doing what it’s supposed to do – charging our HTC Desire S.

The icons for the four command buttons have been given a rethink for the HTC Desire S. The menu key now features a more universal symbol (three lines) whereas on phones like the Desire¬† it simply read ‘MENU’. A minor change – the button still does the same thing.

That’s your lot for now, stay tuned for the full review, coming real soon.


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