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HTC Endeavor (aka Edge) coming to Orange and Vodafone?

Much is already speculated about the HTC Endeavor (née HTC Edge) from its screen size (4.3-inches) to its processor (Nvidia’s Tegra 3 quad-core chip, clocked to 1.5GHz). Pending an official announcement, it’s thought to have been picked up by more than 20 carriers including Orange and Vodafone.

Chinese-language Economic Daily News by way of DigiTimes has a report saying thus, though it doesn’t specifically say Vodafone and Orange in the UK.

We’d imagine that Vodafone in the UK would want to pick up HTC’s next flagship phone, given the track record; Vodafone has picked up pretty much every high-end HTC Android phone since the HTC Magic through to the HTC Sensation XL.

We don’t normally hear of networks picking up phones before the phone is announced (that would be silly) so we’re not expecting announcements from Orange, Vodafone or anyone else at least until after the 26th of February, when HTC is planning to unveil something big.

Hopefully HTC won’t be going with the ‘Endeavor’ name for two reasons. We preferred HTC Edge as a name for a phone. It sounds sharp, current and would set us up for all sorts of ‘bleeding Edge’ and ‘cutting Edge’ punnage in headlines. It would certainly be both of those things if a 1.5GHz quad-core chip and 1GB of RAM is humming away inside.

Secondly, it kills us every time we have to improperly type ‘Endeavor’ without the ‘u’. Repeat after me; ‘colour’ is spelt with a ‘u’ and not without one (see also ‘flavour’) and a ‘sidewalk’ is actually called a ‘pavement’. Cheers mates.


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