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HTC Era and BlackBerry Armstrong on T-Mobile US in September?

‘Era’ and ‘Armstrong’, two seemingly innocuous names but precede them with mobile manufacturers and we’re then presented with two very interesting handsets to speculate over. The HTC Era and the BlackBerry Armstrong are presently unknowns, supposedly on their way to grace T-Mobile in the US and could just as easily arrive on European shores in the same time frame.

Although pure speculation, the HTC Era 42, as it’s listed below, could potentially be the next T-Mobile G3  according to TMoNews and its speculation is not unfounded. The Era name has been used before with the Era G1 becoming the T-Mobile G1 in the US, a market far more used to notion of exclusive handsets than here in the UK.

HTC Era/BB Armstrong

The G series, headed up by the likes of the G1 and G2 outside of the US are better known as the HTC Dream and the HTC Desire Z respectively. However although the G Series thus far have offered hardware pull-out QWERTY keyboards, HTC has since stated that they no longer intend to make devices with this form factor. This doesn’t disqualify the idea that the Era is the G3, just that it might not offer the QWERTY delights of its predecessors.

The BlackBerry Armstrong is a far easier prediction to make, based on its time frame of release and the previously leaked RIM roadmaps which have held true thus far, the Armstrong looks to be the next mid-range Curve. As both of these devices are scheduled to arrive on T-Mobile US in September, the Armstrong will either materialise as the Curve 9360 or 9380, presumably one offering a GSM radio and one running an LTE radio. It’ll also likely receive an upgrade to BBOS 7.1 in the month to follow, unless it runs it out-the-box.


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