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HTC First coming to EE this summer

Facebook is hoping to dominate Android devices the world over with its new Home app, but the social networking company also partnered with HTC to bring the First into the world. HTC and AT&T announced yesterday that the device would be made available in the United States on April 12th, bringing with it some key functionality missing from the downloadable Facebook Home app. Now EE has announced that it will exclusively carry the handset beginning this summer.

AT&T was all too keen to announce pricing and availability for the HTC First in the US, but EE has left those details up in the air for now. You can rest easy knowing that it will be able to make use of EE’s high speed LTE network, however, and it may just work out to be more affordable than some other handset currently on offer.

The HTC First will be made available for $450 off contract in the US, according to AT&T, which works out to around £295. If you’re a Facebook aficionado looking for a smaller and more affordable Android handset, then the HTC First may just be the very device you’ve been looking for.

EE is still mum on pricing and availability, but that doesn’t mean you can’t catch up on all the details relating to the HTC First in our preview. We’ve also put together everything you need to know about Facebook Home, so make sure to click through and bring yourself up to speed.



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