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HTC Flyer available to pre-order from Amazon for €669 – available in the UK for £563?

The HTC Flyer, announced at Mobile World Congress last week, can be pre-ordered from Amazon Germany for €669 now.

This price includes 19 per cent VAT, according to Android and Me, and converts to £563. If you take this full price and subtract the UK standard rate of VAT – 20 per cent – the price rounds down to £450. This gives us an idea of how much the HTC Flyer could go on sale for here in the UK.

£450 for an HTC Flyer – that’s quite a bit less than what the Motorola Xoom was originally listed for.

The Xoom popped up on pre-order for £549.99 ex VAT, rising to £659.99 with VAT on Handtec. The landing page for the Xoom is still there, but the above mentioned prices have been replaced with a ‘to be confirmed’ notification.

HTC wouldn’t comment when we asked them about a UK price for the Flyer. We’ve contacted Amazon UK for a comment and are waiting to hear back.


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