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HTC Flyer release today: Price? 3G+WiFi £599.99, WiFi-only £479.99

The HTC Flyer is available from today on their own website.

Featuring HTC Sense, their own unique overlay, and Android 2.3, it comes with a unique electric stylus- something a little more substantial than a stick of plastic. UK customers will also be getting one packaged free with the tablet.

“We are delighted by the positive reactions that HTC Flyer has received since we first unveiled it in February and are pleased to be able to bring it to major markets across (the) EMEA,” said HTC’s Florian Seiche.

“HTC Flyer is completely different from any other tablet on the market and we look forward to hearing about the different ways in which our customers use HTC Flyer in their daily lives – for both work and play.”

The Flyer has two different models; a 3G and WiFi version with 32GB, and a WiFi-only one with 16GB of storage. Both can be expanded by microSD cards.

There’s a speedy 1.5GHz processor inside, ready to power multimedia streaming on the seven-inch touchscreen. The processor should also be enough to handle a promised future upgrade to the tablet-centric Android Honeycomb 3.0.

HTC’s first tablet will also be the first to run their new video on-demand service, HTC Watch, but you’ll also have access to plenty of Android apps, though they won’t be optimised for the bigger tablet display.

The 3G tablet’s price is set at £599.99, while the WiFi-only one will cost you £479.99. We expect to hear more from other retailers later today. Three mobile have already announced pricing for the Flyer, starting at £169 on a £25 per-month, two-year contract.



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