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HTC Flyer successor destined for the UK

HTC has been blazing a trail into 2012 with the introduction of the One Series, their high end trio of Android Ice Cream Sandwich devices. What’s more the company has also been strengthening its mid-range portfolio too, with the recent introduction of the Desire C, but one area that’s been sorely neglected for over a year now has been their tablets, until now.

The HTC Flyer entered into the UK market in the first half of last year, but with its single core 1.5GHz processor and launching on Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread (it was upgraded to Honeycomb), the user experience left a lot to be desired, even with the inclusion of its USP, the pairing of its Scribe technology and the Magic pen (a separate, pricey stylus accessory). In a recent conversation between an HTC spokesperson and PC Advisor, it emerged that another HTC tablet is on the cards, although we can’t say when.

HTC Flyer successor?

HTC did expand their tablet portfolio overseas with the introduction of the Jetstream on AT&T, which doubled the number of processor cores, made use of a higher resolution, larger display and ran Honeycomb out of the box unlike the Flyer, but that was US-only the UK and other leading markets have been made a stranger to notion of HTC as a tablet manufacturer.

When HTC intend to produce a new tablet for the UK is unknown, but the spokesperson in question said that the company would wait until they knew they had something unique in this increasingly competitive market. Likely to sport an HD screen, multi-core processor and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the Flyer successor will no doubt make waves on announcement, its now a case of predicting when.


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