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HTC Golf picture leaks: HTC Explorer sequel incoming?

The dust from Mobile World Congress has barely settled and already we’re hearing rumours of the next HTC phone, the HTC Golf.

EXIF data from a leaked picture points to two things; the name (or at least a working title) HTC Golf and a camera with a 3-megapixel sensor.

PocketNow’s informant hasn’t been able to furnish us with other details but guesswork points to some budget-friendly spec such as a 3.5-inch screen, 480×320 (HVGA) resolution, 800MHz processor and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. PocketNow’s got a very good source at HTC in the US (and has been right about plenty before) so we’re inclined to take a smaller than usual pinch of salt here.

HTC is declining to comment on any rumour and speculation of course, so do season this rumour as you will.

At a glance, a lot of the specs of the HTC Golf chime with those of the HTC Explorer; 3.5-inch screen, 3-megapixel camera, etc – so it looks like another wallet-friendly wonder is on the horizon. Hopefully we’ll see Sense 4 included along with Ice Cream Sandwich.

What with Samsung unleashing an armada of low-end phones already, we were half expecting HTC to come up with something outside the holy trinity of its HTC One series. HTC declined to comment on rumour and speculation when we asked for more info on this. But whatever it’s going to be called (we’d assume Volkswagen might have something to say about anyone using the ‘Golf’ name) it looks like there’s something budget-level from HTC coming in the summer.


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