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HTC Gratia: Sneaky surprise Android 2.2 handset en route to UK

It’s not often that HTC manages to keep a new handset secret, so it’s a nice surprise today to hear about the HTC Gratia.

Heading to the UK early next year, the handset is running Android 2.2 with our beloved HTC Sense user interface. The HTC Gratia also rocks a 5-megapixel camera with auto-focus in its slim 4in frame. Another touchscreen handset, at 4in long it’s no surprise that the display is just 3.2in. However, the HTC Gratia does offer Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth and GPS. It looks like it will also come in a rather stylish forest green shade. Swit-swoo.

Florian Seiche, President of HTC Europe said, “HTC Gratia offers something completely different. Its compact size, beautiful design and power with Android 2.2… is uniquely compelling.”

It doesn’t sound that different to us, to be honest, and the design is no Sistine Chapel – but with HTC at the top of its game, no doubt the HTC Gratia will be another great Android phone.


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