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HTC HD7: What’s in the box?

The first of HTC’s Windows Phone 7 phones we’ve got our hands on is the HTC HD7. In the box you get the essentials; mains charger, USB cable and headphones.

Like the one which comes with the HTC Wildfire, you get get a mains/USB adapter for charging and file transfers from and syncing with your PC.

The headphones come with optional foam pads, a shirt clip and feature a remote control with skip and pause/play buttons. The pause/play key also acts as a control to answer calls as they come through.

Then there’s the HTC HD7 itself of course, with its ample 4.3-inch resistive touchscreen on display here. Head on over here for our full review of the HD7 and some of our initial thoughts on Windows Phone 7.

The HTC mains/USB adapter charger in action. We like that it breaks down into individual components for easy transport and that it reduces waste by using the same USB cable that you’ll use for data transfer and syncing with your PC.

The 3.5mm headphones that come with the HTC HD7.

The back of the HTC HD7 with its battery cover revmoved. We found the translucent black plastic of the interior rather fetching.

The base of the HTC HD7 where the 3.5mm audio jack and micro USB ports are located.


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