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HTC Hero gets Android 2.1 and Sense update in March

With all the shiny new HTC handsets showing off Android 2.1 and the new and improved Sense UI, HTC Hero owners might be feeling a little left out.

Heroes, fear not: HTC has announced that its heroic handset is due to receive upgrades to both Android 2.1 and Sense in March.

It’s not clear if the update will make all the features available – the Hero’s processor might not be able to handle more intense features like ‘Leap’ menu mode – but hopefully Hero owners will enjoy most of the 2.1 and Sense updates while they wait to upgrade to an HTC Legend or Desire.

The HTC Hero also scooped the ‘Best Mobile Handset or Device’ award at the GSMA’s Global Mobile Awards last night. Rumours that an intoxicated HTC Hero drunkenly threw its microphone and award into the crowd are unfounded.

Specific release dates will differ between networks but we’re told by HTC that the updates will be ready by March, so expect to hear more then.


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