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HTC Incredible S: What’s in the box?

The HTC Incredible S is the first new wave HTC phone to hit shops, and is now available exclusively in Carphone Warehouse. It’s a black number, and the packaging certainly represents that.

The original HTC Incredible ended up as a US-only phone, so this is the first Incredible model we’ve seen working on a UK network.

Initial impressions are that it looks like a modern update to the Desire and Wildfire models that were such huge hits last year.

The screen has a higher resolution, and though it doesn’t match the Desire HD, it’s not the size of that hulking monster. It’s got Android 2.2, but HTC are promising an over-the-air (OTA) update very soon- probably as soon as the rest of the ‘S’ family arrive.

There are two cameras now, with a rear-facing eight-megapixel camera, and a 1.3-megapixel front cam for video chat and virtual mirror hair-coiffing.

A dual LED flash on the back should help salvage those pub and club shots from blurry, darkened obscurity.

Power-wise, it may not be able to compete with dual core phones in the pricier end of the smartphone market,but the HTC Incredible S still has a more than capable 1GHz processor.

There’s also that canny HTC Sense software that solves all kinds of phone dilemmas, like ringing louder from inside bags, or the turn-phone-over-to-mute-it feature that we still wow elderly relatives with.

Here’s all the stuff that came with the phone. We’ll deal with that all that next.

There’s the reams of literature. (Quick start guide should get you where you need to go- keep the rest though, obviously!)

From left to right; microUSB to USB cable, USB charger, and the UK converter, stylish black headphones with music controls, clips, covers. (You’ll need these headphones to get the built-in FM radio to work.)

We took it to pieces; and the big surprise was an 8GB microSD card that comes with the phone. We accidentally tried cramming our own card in- obviously that didn’t work, there’s one already in the slot. A respectable 1450mAH battery here. That’s all there is to see folks, move along. Next…

Here’s the ‘vacuum-packed’ back, where they’ve been able to slim down the outer edge, but maintain a good battery size. Clever thinking, HTC. It also seems easier to grip.

The installation is relatively painless- you can bring in old phone data from all sorts of phones, not just HTC. You can even do it through Bluetooth. Very handy.

It’s Sarah Harding- she’s the face of the HTC Incredible S. Tenuous link to ‘totty’.

Check out our full review here.


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