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HTC lets slip confirmation that Windows Phone 7 handsets will launch next month

Not a huge surprise, but nice to know that Windows Phone 7 really is around the corner after all: HTC’s Mohammad Kais Zribi, regional director for Middle East North Africa has told Gulf News that the company’s Windows Phone 7 handsets will be launching “next month” – that’s October, folks.

Aah, loose-lipped regional directors, how we love you. Along with this not-exactly-Earth-shattering news, Zribi revealed that “So far we have launched six models and around five more models by end of the year.” As Pocket-Lint points out, this means we can probably look forward to four further HTC Win Pho and Android handsets before 2010 is out.

We’ve seen a lot of the HTC Mozart which will likely be HTC’s Win Pho launcher in the UK, so what else is en route? Our pens are poised over our Christmas lists as we speak.