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HTC M8 dual camera technology on show at MWC

The HTC M8’s distinctive dual camera unit was on show at this year’s MWC, read on for full details…

The HTC M8 will feature two cameras and work using a feature called Computational Photography Zoom. This will give users more creativity options by using the data from the new sensors. Users can use the UltraPixel camera for shots in low-light, and a normal one for sunny, clear days. The second sensor, however, is rather different. Instead of capturing the picture, it ‘tells’ the camera more about the photo taken. 

The second sensor can suss out objects in the picture and apply filters or processes to the foreground but not for the background or vice versa. The purpose of this is to create depth-of-field effects, which makes the HTC One 2 built for Instagram.

The main point of using the system is to enhance your photos, giving them a more dramatic and professional-looking edge. So if you’re a budding mobile photographer, then this may be right up your street.

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