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HTC Media Link HD and HTC Car Stereo Clip

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If unveiling three new phones wasn’t enough HTC has also told us that its got a pair of compatible docks waiting in the wings, the HTC Media Link HD and the HTC Car Stereo Clip.

The HTC Media Link HD isn’t a phone dock that the HTC One X et al will sit in, like the one which comes with the HTC Rhyme. Rather it’s what HTC is calling a ‘wireless HDMI dongle’ that plugs into your TV’s HDMI socket and then lets you push content from your HTC phone to the TV screen, over a wireless DLNA connection.

A three finger upward push will activate a full mirror mode, transferring everything from your HTC phone’s screen to the TV screen. This includes films being streamed on HTC Watch.

Previously, HTC Watch wouldn’t let you view a film you’d rented or bought on any other device than an HTC device – if you tried to hook your phone up to the TV screen and play a movie it simply wouldn’t work. With the HTC Media Link HD it looks like you now can, which is great news.

I like driving in my car. And playing music, and reading maps…

The HTC Car Stereo Clip is dock for use in your car that sounds a bit more clever than your average in-car phone cradle.

As well as providing a mount for your phone, the HTC Car Stereo Clip will automatically engage a more car-friendly UI, with shortcuts to Google Maps Navigation and a music player so you can programme co-ordinates and set playlist easily.

Compatible with a Bluetooth dongle, you’ll also be able to use voice commands to call people as you’re driving as well.

The HTC Media Link HD and the HTC Car Stereo Clip are understood to be internal names, so these could well be called something else by the time they hit the shelves.

Update: The HTC Stereo Car Clip is a headset that we understand will work in tandem with a compatible dock. That’s all the extra information we have for now. We’ll keep you posted.

Update 2: Check out our demo video of the HTC Media Link HD in action.


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