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HTC Media Link HD: Hands-on pictures (updated with video)

The HTC Media Link is an upcoming accessory that plugs into the HDMI socket of your TV set and acts as a bridge between your TV and your phone. Connecting to phones like the HTC One X wirelessley (over DLNA) or wired (using an MHL-compatible USB cable) 

Ideally, you’d connect to the HTC Media Link HD on your HTC One X or One S wirelessly. For the purposes of the demo at MWC, where Wi-Fi signals are all bouncing around the place, HTC had wired a One X in to the HTC Media Link HD.

Once you’re connected, a single three finger upward gesture on the homescreen will enable a mirror mode, throwing whatever’s on your phone’s screen on to the big TV display. This could be anything from your emails, to a YouTube clip of Adele being cut short at the Brits or a movie downloaded from HTC Watch.

Perhaps the news that you’ll finally be able to play HTC Watch movies on your TV is as big as the HTC Media Link HD itself – until now this wasn’t possible. 

With the HTC Media Link active, you’ll also be able to answer calls on your phone with anything that’s being streamed on the big screen continuing to play as before. 

Heading to markets round about the time the HTC One X, HTC One S and HTC One V hit shelves, we’re still waiting for an estimated price on the HTC Media Link HD. Until then, check out the pics and our hands on video here.


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