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Suppliers no longer class HTC as a ‘tier-one’ manufacturer, reason for HTC One delays

We’ve touched on the component shortages which have befallen the HTC One as a result of the parts needed to make the handset’s unique 4.3-UltraPixel camera sensor before, but now an unnamed executive of the company has spoken to the Wall Street Journal on the matter; stating that the company’s recent decline in sales and success has resulted in component manufacturers no longer classing HTC as a “tier-one” customer and as such, no longer treating production of parts for their products as top priority.


The industry as a whole is aware that over the past few months, HTC hasn’t been in the best of shape. Despite producing smartphones and accessories across the Windows Phone and Android ecosystems, the company has received lacklustre sales figures, losing out to the likes of Samsung in the market.

It’s a shame to see a company which, as far as we’re concerned, produces such great devices, having fallen so far from the dizzying successes of 2011. Despite being the first company with a quad-core phone to market last year and the recent release of their 2013 flagship; the HTC One, the company has failed to grab the attention of consumers and now, said flagship is in trouble of missing out on valuable sales due to delays in its manufacture.

The consensus seems to be that the HTC One is indeed a sought after device, even though many are expecting the likes of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 will steal some of its thunder. Presently being on pre-order, HTC’s most recent statement is as follows:

We are thrilled with the positive response to the new HTC One and are working tirelessly with all of our channel partners to ensure that we can fulfil as many orders as possible. The HTC One will start rolling out to customers from mid-March 2013 with our biggest priority being to get the device to people both quickly and efficiently. Thank you for your patience.

When it comes to UK stock, it doesn’t seem like much has changed. Retailers such as Carphone Warehouse are citing an arrival of around 28th March, whilst Phones 4U; who’ve featured the One heavily in recent advertising are stating that the silver version of the One is currently available, with the black model becoming available from 2nd April.

It’s worth pointing out as Android Central have that the “tier-one” comment comes solely from an executive of HTC and no component manufacturers have explicitly echoed this statement.


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